Creating Allegra London Cashmere

At Allegra London were passionate about Indian textiles especially about luxury cashmere, since 2010 we have been working with Kashmiri artisans who spin cashmere into our unique diamond weave.

Cashmere yarn from the Kashmir mills in the far north of India is a rare commodity and only the finest strands of cashmere are used by our mills who have been weaving their magic by machine for over 200 years. There are over 20 process involved in making our cashmere, from spinning and weaving to washing the cashmere in the cleanest Kashmir mountain water. Every step helps to create that characteristic soft finish.

What really sets us apart is the attentional to detail of the craftsmen and women who spin our cashmere by hand using the skills past down though generations of kashmiri family’s. It is their expertise that ensures every item is made to the highest standard. This way of working is integral to what we do and embodies our un rivalled commitment to cashmere.

All off our manufacturing is over seen by our founder Chloe Marie Points and every collection marries tradition with new catwalk trend colours. Our Dye plant is based in Delhi where we work with colour specialists. Every season we test dye at least 50 different shades of colour to create the perfect Ombre blend. Our made from chemical free certified organic vegetables, after the dying has taken place the scarf is then fixed with cold water.

We are passionate about maintaining the values that the kashmir mills were founded upon generations ago and they are still proud of today, committing to the quality that only years of experience can bring contributing to a beautiful hand made Allegra London scarf.

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